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We won’t be amazed if we’ll reach some new all-time highs within a few years. However, the cryptocurrency market is always full of surprises. To make things more clear, the image below represent the entire how are your cryptoassets taxed stock market. The green blocks represent the crypto market, the rest is the stock market. The price that is shown in the graph above is determined by taking the average of several international exchanges.

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  • With the current LTC/USD trajectory, Litecoin can surpass $500 by 2023 and reach much higher prices in later years.
  • There are several reasons why Litecoin’s price is expected to increase in the next few years.
  • Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has said that he thinks Litecoin could reach $500 by the end of 2022.
  • Our 2028 Litecoin price prediction also estimates a low of $2,368.22 and an average of $2,876.43.

Just ask investors who were unfortunate to buy at Litecoin’s all-time high of $412.96 in May. Whether you decide to invest in either Bitcoin or its little brother, both come with a number of risks because they are cryptocurrencies. Litecoin has made it to the list of the best altcoins to buy in 2022. But for the past 24 hours, the crypto has fallen prey to the… All information on this website represent subjective views of the authors and they are solely informational.

Litecoin price prediction for March 2023

Litecoin is a simple cryptocurrency, and Ethereum is a smart contract platform. In terms of features, Ethereum has many more than Litecoin. Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in existence.

  • While China has banned all cryptocurrency transactions, big brother Bitcoin has gained on recent favorable news coming from the U.S.
  • But there are still a few issues investors should be aware of.
  • Litecoin’s development is handled by the Litecoin Core Development Team while the Litecoin Foundation focuses on increasing the adoption of LTC.
  • In 2017, Litecoin received the same SegWit upgrade that Bitcoin received.
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At the same time, Litecoin is trading with a slight upward momentum at the $57.4 mark against USDT, at the time of writing. With the current LTC/USD trajectory, Litecoin can surpass $500 by 2023 and reach much higher prices in later years. When confidence in Bitcoin is high, it sparks renewed interest in related altcoins. Although this may seem counterintuitive, it does mean that traders can potentially predict bullish runs by analysing the performance of Bitcoin — even if they’re not BTC investors.

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ETH) which is usually referred to as the queen of cryptocurrency to Bitcoin’s king. Here are some key milestones to look out for over the next several years. Halfway through 2017, litecoin exceeds 50 dollars for the first time since 2013. January 2017, litecoin starts the year with a price of approximately 4 dollars. Litecoin is introduced in 2011 and quickly reaches a price of 30 dollar cents .

litecoin price

From this point onwards several other all-time highs are predicted. 2022, according to our Litecoin price prediction, is expected to be a year of stabilisation following 2021’s crazy bull run. However, next year, in 2023, we expect massive things for the price of Litecoin, including a new all-time high. Stick to buying Litecoin from crypto exchanges — this is the most popular and trusted method of getting a hold of LTC. However, as a transactional crypto, it is one of the best options. 2025 is poised to be a terrific year for Litecoin as it smashes past $1,000 for the first time and then reaches a high of around $1,300 per coin.

This is tried and true product that keeps your coins safe from on-line and off-line threats. provides guides and information on a range of products and services. Because our content is not financial advice, we suggest talking with a professional before you make any decision. Litecoin and Ethereum are very different cryptocurrencies to the point where it doesn’t make sense to compare the two.

Litecoin was developed by Charlie Lee, a former employee of Google. His goal was to develop a faster and cheaper version of bitcoin. You can adjust the range of orscorp industries review the litecoin graph by clicking one of the buttons above it. If you click ‘All’ for example, you’ll be able to see the historic price movements for litecoin.

Litecoin (LTCEUR) Discussions and Chat

CoinShares is Europe’s largest digital asset ETP provider managing billions of assets for clients across the continent. In 12 months’ time, the price of Litecoin could exceed $255, according toWallet Investor. This can be attributed to Gary Gensler, chair of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, repeating his support for Bitcoinexchange-traded funds. The two cryptocurrencies act similarly in how their global payment operations are set up.

litecoin price

Investing in or trading crypto assets comes with a risk of financial loss. Litecoin coin is under selling pressure after reversing from its yearly lows. The price action is forming a high-low formation and a low-high formation in the context of the daily price scale.

Litecoin Price in US dollar Today: 53.1400

When Litecoin was first launched, this reward for mining new blocks was 50 LTC. Today, this reward has been slashed to 12.5 blocks, with the halving process having occurred three times so far. In the case of altcoin prices, we often see strong correlations to the developments of bitcoin’s price. It remains to be seen if they all continue to do so in the future, but since litecoin is so closely connected to bitcoin, this is quite a possibility.

  • During the last calendar year Litecoin price was volatile and had both periods of growth and decline.
  • While both short and long-term investing in Litecoin can be profitable, undoubtedly our LTC prediction suggests that holding the asset for the long term will be more beneficial.
  • Litecoin‘s price is expected to increase significantly in the next few years.

The highest price LTC has ever reached was $410.26 USD on May 10, 2021. TRASTRA Bitcoin wallet is a unique place to store, buy and sell your digital currency. Exchange rate fluctuations may affect the value of investments.

Recent developments with Litecoin

We pioneered the first regulated bitcoin fund in 2014, and are solely focused on cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Our Capital Markets desk has decades of experience in traditional securities trading, and has also crucially been trading in spot and derivative crypto markets since 2014. Litecoin legit earn free bitcoin cash legitimate is trading in a range-bound market because of the Bitcoin pullback. But the LTC price trades just below the resistance level of the horizontal range, so bulls may break this range soon. Like most cryptocurrencies, Litecoin uses blockchain technology for processing and recording transactions.

A year after Litecoin’s halvening, Bitcoin will go through a halvening in 2024 which will spark another crypto market bull run. Bullish sentiment will carry Litecoin to a maximum price of $904.52 while a minimum of $413.31 is also expected for 2024. Litecoin will close 2024 at $756.20 and achieve a yearly average of $788.25, as per our Litecoin price prediction.

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